Transform Mexico

Sponsoring a child for only $30/month provides a child and his or her family with various basic needs based on their situation including food, medical care, hygiene products, discipleship training and hope. Most sponsored children and their families survive on $1-2 per day, barely enough to provide one meal a day for most of the family. 

In Mexico, you have the opportunity to sponsor the neediest children or children and adult orphans that require special needs, in non-traditional ways. The special needs orphans have been abandoned by their families and left to be raised by others. Their disabilities include cerebral palsy, autism, Down’s syndrome and other life changing disabilities. Your sponsorship will help provide the basic needs that caring for them requires. 

For only $30/month you will transform the life of a child and their family. Will you take action right now?

Simply click on the sponsorship tab above and then on a child’s photo to read about his or her family and follow the prompts to begin your sponsorship today.


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