Transform Ghana

Lake Pointe is working with our local church partners in the Accra suburb of Gbawe (pronounced BOW-EE) and the Northern Region’s largest city, Tamale, to help the poorest of their communities. This type of gift will make an eternal impact on your sponsored child and provide them opportunities to get a meaningful job and experience, firsthand, the love of the Church.

For only $30/month you will transform the life of a child and their family. Will you take action right now?

Simply click on the sponsorship tab above and then on a child’s photo to read about his or her family and follow the prompts to begin your sponsorship today.


Recent Updates

GB011 Genevieve Mensah

Genevieve enjoys speaking French and singing. She is a member of the church choir. Her father is a plumber and mother is a seamstress. Their combined family income ...

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GB025 Rahman Abdul Alhassan

Raham enjoys soccer and loves to sing. His favorite food is Bauko and Rice Oco Stew. His father is a driver and his mother runs a fruit stand. Their combined income is $...

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GB159 Eugene Boakye

Eugene enjoys playing soccer with his friends. His favorite subject in school is Science. He would like to be a doctor when he grows up. Eugene's favorite food is j...

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GB160 Franklina Dziedzom Jhaggey

Father is not working because he had a stroke. Their combined monthly household income is $68 a month. Her health insurance will expire October 25, 2018.

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GB165 Yvonne Mireku

Yvonne has asthma, but she is doing well by God's good grace. Her favorite color is pink. She enjoys Ampe (jumping and clapping). Her favorit...

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TA006 Anne Asimah

Anne's father works in a school and her mother is a weaver. Their family income is $32.

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TA023 Israel Sulley

Israel enjoys playing sports. His mother is deceased and his father is unemployed. Income is from benevolence of friends and extended family.

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TA036 Dayan Wunitri Alhassan

Dayan enjoys soccer and cycling. His father is a Peasant Farmer and his mother is a Seamstress. Their total monthly income is $39.00. 

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TA040 Abdul-Ganiu Sualihu

Abdul- Ganiu likes to play soccer with his friends. His favorite subject in school is Math. His favorite color is red. 

Prayer Request: Pray for knowledge o...

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TA043 Zakaria Adam

Zakaria enjoys playing soccer and reading. His favorite color is white. His favorite subject is Math. He would like to be a teacher when he grows up. 


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TA044 Maltiti Naporo

Matiti enjoys playing football, reading, jumping, clapping her hands, and music. Prayer Request: Please pray for wisdom and understanding in school. 

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TA048 Fuseini Yahaya

 Fuesini enjoys playing soccer with his friends. He also likes studying in his native language (Dagbang) in school. 

Prayer Request: Pray for ...

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