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Sponsoring a child for only $30/month provides a child and his or her family with food, medical care, discipleship training, and hope. Most sponsored children and their families survive on $1-2 per day, barely enough to provide one meal a day for most of the family.

This type of gift will make an eternal impact on this family today and for generations to come.

For only $30/month you will transform the life of a child and their family. Will you take action right now?

Simply click on the sponsorship tab above and then on a child’s photo to read about his or her family and follow the prompts to begin your sponsorship today.



Recent Updates

AH024 Ingy Refaat Abdel Malak

Ingy is very happy and is doing great in school. She is the youngest of 4 kids. She is a great singer/joined church choir. Her father is a hired day laborer, doing any k...

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AH032 Madonna Ashry Fraiz

Madonna helps take care of her siblings. She likes church. Madonna can braid her hair beautifully. She still wants to be a chef; her must have ingredient for any dish is...

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AH043 Sarah Isaac Shehata

Sarah loves to draw and wants to be an Art teacher someday. Sister Hanna has a problem with her side. The father farms in Suez, quite a distance away and they ...

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AH050 Mina Boules Porto

Mina's favorite subject is Art. He likes to draw. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Mina loves to play soccer. His father is a farmer and earns $50/month. I...

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AH053 Youstina Isaac Melk

Youstina likes English classes. She wants to be a DR. She likes going to church. Youstina helps her mom with chores around the house. Her father is a laborer in Cairo (a...

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AH057 Shenouda Youssef Samaan

 Shenouda favorite subjects are Arabic and English. He is doing good in school. His favorite color is yellow. 

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AH069 Mary Wissa Maximos

Mary likes AWANA and goes to discipleship class. She loves the story of King David. Mary helps around the house. Her dad is a farmer who earns $70 a month. He had a...

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BN037 Amir Youssef Fakhry

Amir has been in Awana for 3 years and his favorite verse is "I am the way, the truth, and the life"...his song is "I have a great God". Amir loves to sing and help his ...

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BN049 Abanob Samaan Wahba

Abanob is very shy. He likes to color. He can count in English. Abanob's father is working on a farm and is doing ok from his eye surgery. The father's income is $7...

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DH009 Fares Ezzat Eid

Fares likes sports especially soccer. He likes to listen to music and to sing. He doesn't like school but his favorite subject is Math. His father is deceased so his fam...

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NR049 Jacklin Emad Helmy

Jacklin is in the 6th grade. She is an average student and Arabic is her best subject. She likes art/drawing. She helps around the house, cleaning and washing clothes. S...

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DH076 Youstina Melad Awaad

Youstina is a below average student, but Math is her best subject. She like art/drawing and playing with her dolls. She runs errands for the family. She has a congenital...

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Water2Egypt provides water filter systems to remote villages in Upper Egypt allowing villagers to receive the benefit of clean water. While the most common illnesses in these rural villages are wat...

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