Transform Egypt

Sponsoring a child for only $30/month provides a child and his or her family with food, medical care, discipleship training, and hope. Most sponsored children and their families survive on $1-2 per day, barely enough to provide one meal a day for most of the family.

This type of gift will make an eternal impact on this family today and for generations to come.

For only $30/month you will transform the life of a child and their family. Will you take action right now?

Simply click on the sponsorship tab above and then on a child’s photo to read about his or her family and follow the prompts to begin your sponsorship today.



Recent Updates

AH035 Basma Emad Makram

Basma likes Math. She wants to be a doctor. She is doing good in school. Basma attends AWANA regularly and likes the discipleship class the most. Family lives on father'...

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AH070 Mina Samuel Noamany

Mina's favorite subject in school is Arabic. He likes to draw, sing and play soccer. Mina attends AWANA and he likes the discipleship group.

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DH058 Mina Younan Noah

Mina has a large family living in one home. Dad's work is irregular. When he can get work he earns about $100 a month. Mina's best subject in school is Arabic. He l...

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DH061 Mariam Reda Mamlook

Mariam's best subject is Arabic. She is doing well in school.  She helps in the kitchen and likes playing with her dolls and watching tv. Mariam's family is in good...

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DH073 Kirolos Georgy Shokrallah

Kirolos is very smart and active in school. He likes to learn Arabic. He likes to play soccer. He runs errands for his family. He attends AWANA and his favorite Bib...

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DH085 Mariam Hany Abdel Malak

Mariam wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She likes to play hide & seek with her friends. Mariam's favorite subject is Arabic. She likes to play ...

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DH095 Samuel Eid Gad El Karim

Samuel is an average student and Math is his best subject. He likes playing soccer. He likes to sing and he also runs errands for the family. When his father can find wo...

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DH102 Merna Nessiem Mousa

Merna's favorite subject is Arabic. She plays with her dolls and sometimes gets to watch TV. Her father does not have a regular job. When he is able to find work he...

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EF008 Mariam Emad Malak

Mariam is a wonderful young lady. She loves to sing, cook and help around the house. Sponsor Now

EF012 Martin Magdy Attalla

Martin is a very bright child. He wants to be a pilot when he grows up. He takes care of the errands for his mom. In his free time Martin likes to play soccer. ...

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KA016 Trevinia Bahaa Beshir

Trevinia's best subject is Arabic. She likes to draw and sing. Her father earns about $75 a month, but this is irregular. This large family lives in a very small home.

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MAY055 Milad Rafaat Grace

Milad is the oldest of two children.  He is an average student in school and enjoys learning math.  He enjoys helping his mom in the kitchen and someday hopes ...

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