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Sponsoring a child for only $30/month provides a child and his or her family with food, medical care, discipleship training, and hope. Most sponsored children and their families survive on $1-2 per day, barely enough to provide one meal a day for most of the family.

This type of gift will make an eternal impact on this family today and for generations to come.

For only $30/month you will transform the life of a child and their family. Will you take action right now?

Simply click on the sponsorship tab above and then on a child’s photo to read about his or her family and follow the prompts to begin your sponsorship today.



Recent Updates

NR026 Marina Kaood Khalaf

Marina is an average student in the 4th grade. Arabic is her best subject. She likes to sing and helps clean at home. Her father earns about $100 a month when he can fin...

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NR040 Mervat Rafik Wayez

Mervat is in the 5th grade but is a below average student. Math is her best subject. She likes to play and helps clean around the house. Her dad earns about $100 a month...

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NR049 Jacklin Emad Helmy

Jacklin is in the 6th grade. She is an average student and Arabic is her best subject. She likes art/drawing. She helps around the house, cleaning and washing clothes. S...

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AH081 Ramez Ibrahim Wahba Barsoum

Family income is from a pension and land about $70 monthly. Ramez enjoys soccer and helps by running errands. He attends Awana and is an above average student.

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EF007 Joseph Salib Youssef

(2014 June)-Amy had a very nice visit with Joseph. He was waiting for us to come this day. His cast has come off, but there is still a lump where the bone was broken. He...

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EF067 Mariam Mahroos Boshra

Mariam is an above average student and English is her best subject. She has tonsillitis. She helps in the kitchen and likes art/drawing. Her father earns about $90 a mon...

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EF071 Malak Masood Abd El Malak

Malak is helpful around the house. He makes the bed. He likes to play soccer and is an average student. His best subject is Math. His father can earn about $85 a month w...

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EF085 Hanna Amir Hanna

Hanna is an average student and math is his best subject. He runs errands for the family. He likes to play soccer. His father can earn about $60 monthly when he can find...

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MAY016 Girgis Eid Arandas Abdelmessih

Girgis is in 3rd grade and loves to ride his bike and play soccer. He struggles in school but does like to learn English. When he is able to work, his father earns about...

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MAY023 Tawfiles Nashaat Fekry Aziz

Tawfiles is in 4th grade and is a good student who likes to study religion. He loves to play outside and play soccer. When he can work, his father earns about $150USD a ...

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MAY044 Shady Talaat Yacoub Nathan

Shady is in 5th grade and loves to play soccer. He struggles in school but enjoys learning Arabic. His father earns about $75USD a month to support the family.

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MAY047 France Samir Kamel

France is in 2nd grade and loves to draw and help his mom at the market. He is a average student and enjoys learning Arabic in school. His father earns about $100USD per...

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Bassett Life Group Child Sponsorship

The Bassett Life Group currently sponsors a child in Egypt.  This campaign allows our Life Group members to contribute individually to support our child.



Water2Egypt provides water filter systems to remote villages in Upper Egypt allowing villagers to receive the benefit of clean water. While the most common illnesses in these rural villages are wat...

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