Ghana--Tarikpaa (TK)

Tarikpaa (pronounced TARE-IK-PA) is a rural village filled with peasant farmers who grow maize, yam and beans. Many people in this village suffer from malnutrition due to the simple lack of food. Most families live below the poverty line with an average monthly income of $15/month. The only hope of breaking the poverty cycle is through education.

Recent Updates

TK022 Salamatu Mohammed

Salamatu's father is a Peasant Farmer and his mother provides house help and does petty trading. Their combined monthly income is $13. Salamatu enjoys Ampe (jumping and clapping) and story telling.

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TK077 Rashida Issahaku

Rashida's favorite subject in school is English. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite food is rice. She likes to play ampe with her friends. Her father and mother work and have a total combine...

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TK097 Ayishetu Musah

Ayishetu's name is pronounced: Eye-ee-shey-too. Her favorite subject in school is Math and hopes to be a nurse. She loves play ampe ( a jumping/clapping game the girls play) and her favorite color ...

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TK125 Yahaya Mohamme

Your sponsorship support will provide a food supplement for the family to improve the childs nutrition. It will also help provide school uniforms, supplies, and school fees to help remove a common ...

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