Ghana--Tamale (TA)

Tamale (pronounced TOM-A-LEE) is the largest city in the Northern portion of Ghana and is essentially the gateway to the North. Tamale is the fastest growing city in West Africa and is predominately Muslim (97%) or "Traditional" Idol worship. Although Ghana is considered a "Christian" nation, Tamale is a Muslim stronghold.

Recent Updates

TA114 Abena Opuku

Abena's father is deceased and her mother works as a hairdresser. Abena enjoys playing Soccer, cycling, and playing "Ampe"(a clapping game) with her friends. Abena's mother earns $52/month.

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TA034 Jonathan Wunice Simon Alhassan

Jonathan enjoys soccer, cycling, music and reading. Father is a Peasant Farmer and Mother is in Petty Trading.

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TA108 Farihan Zakaria

Farihan's father is a peasant farmer and his mother works at home. Farihan enjoys singing and playing footbal (soccer). Farihan's family has a combined monthly income of $52/month.

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TA029 Wisdom Bolizie

Wisdom enjoys playing sports and singing. His father is a porter in the market. Their family income is $8 per month.

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TA049 Emmanuella Ataribono Atiah

Emmanuella loves jumping, clapping, cycling and singing. Her father is a Market Porter and her mother is a hairdresser. Their total monthly income is $39.00.

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