Egypt--Nazlet Roman (NR)

Located south of Minya, Nazlet Roman is a village of about 7,000 people.  Of this population, about 50% are Orthodox or Coptic Christians, 30% are Evangelical Christians and the remaining 20% is Muslim.  The primary vocation here is farming, however the unemployment rate is over 90%.  While farming provides jobs, work is very limited and hard to get.  As a result, more than 70% of he people live below the Egyptian poverty level.  The average income for a family is about $20USD when work is available.

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NR049 Jacklin Emad Helmy

Jacklin is in the 6th grade. She is an average student and Arabic is her best subject. She likes art/drawing. She helps around the house, cleaning and washing clothes. She had cancer in her lymph n...

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