Egypt--Kom El Ahmar (KA)

A village of about 5,000 people, Kom el Ahmar is about 90% Muslim, 9% Evangelical Christian and about 1% Coptic or Orthodox Christian.  Those who are able to find work are employed as day laborers, farmers or drivers and earn about $20USD per month when they can work.  More than 90% of this village lives below the Egyptian poverty level and the literacy rate is only about 50%.  

Recent Updates

KA007 Madona Tamer Nagy

(July 2016)-- Madona lives to sing, likes Arabic in school. She wants to be a DR when she grows up. Her dad is a day laborer in Cairo now, he comes back in 9 months. He has back problems. Pray for ...

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KA012 Marian Safwat Shawky

(July 2016)-- Marian likes to play anything...she will be in the 2nd grade. Tutoring through HG has helped her grades. She likes reading and writing. She will start Awana this fall. She wants to be...

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KA015 Ferial Malak Boshra

(July 2016)-- Ferial is glad it is summer, she likes to play Hide & Seek. She made good grades. She likes to make clothes. Prayers: Father to find new work in Cairo. Ferial is an average studen...

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