Ghana--Gbawe (GB)

Gbawe (pronounced BOW-EE) is a suburb of the Capital City of Accra. The roads are all dirt and nearly impassible in the rainy season. Unemployment in Gbawe is rampant. Most people in Gbawe do menial jobs and basic trading of goods.

Recent Updates

GB113 Victoria Appiah

Victoria's father is a mason and her mother is unemployed. Victoria is good at Math and enjoys playing "ampe" (a clapping and dancing game) with her friends.

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GB153 Emmanuel Frempong Appiah

His mother is not currently working due to some health issues. His father is working in security. Their total monthly income is approximately $110 USD.

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GB155 Nana Kojo Amanfo Ofori

His father is currently a student in Dubai and is not working HIs mother is working. Their combined monthly income is approximately $45 USD.

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GB160 Franklina Dziedzom Jhaggey

Father is not working because he had a stroke. Their combined monthly household income is $68 a month. Her health insurance will expire October 25, 2018.

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GB164 Gifty Acquah

Gifty loves chocolate and ampe (jumping and clapping). She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She has been living with her grandmother for about 8 years with her sister. Her grandmother is a...

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GB165 Yvonne Mireku

Father is a mason and mother is a hairdresser and currently looking for a job. Their combined monthly income is $23.

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GB167 Hannah Ashong

Her father is deceased. Her mother is currently working. Her total monthly income is approximately $5.00.

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GB168 Kelvin Ofori

Kelvin's favorite subject in school is Math. His favorite color is orange and he enjoys playing soccer. He wants to be a pilot when he grows up. His parents have a total monthly income of about $21...

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