Ghana--Gbawe (GB)

Gbawe (pronounced BOW-EE) is a suburb of the Capital City of Accra. The roads are all dirt and nearly impassible in the rainy season. Unemployment in Gbawe is rampant. Most people in Gbawe do menial jobs and basic trading of goods.

Recent Updates

GB119 Serena Adobea Ansah

Serena's father works as a Company Driver and her mother as a trader. Their combined monthly income is about $110. Serena enjoys and has had success in Religious Education, English and Social Studi...

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GB002 Esther Asante

ESTHER enjoys singing and playing with her friends. Esther's father is an auto mechanic. Their family income is $26/month

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GB102 Matilda Gakpo

Matilda's father is a carpenter and her mother trades goods in the market. Matilda loves to play "ampe"-- a clapping and dancing game the girls play -- and she enjoys math in school. Matilda's fami...

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GB113 Victoria Appiah

Victoria's father is a mason and her mother is unemployed. Victoria is good at Math and enjoys playing "ampe" (a clapping and dancing game) with her friends.

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GB153 Emmanuel Frempong Appiah

His mother is not currently working due to some health issues. His father is working in security. Their total monthly income is approximately $110 USD.

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