Egypt--Bni Mohamed Sultan (BN)

One of Lake Pointe's original sponsored villages, Bni Mohamed Sultan is a very poor village of about 20,000 people, composed primarily of Coptic Christians with about 10% being Evangelical Christians. The main industry in Bni is farming wheat and corn with some working as day laborers when there is adequate work for them. The average income is about $200USD per month for the entire household with about 50% of the villagers living below the Egyptian poverty level. However, since Lake Pointe has worked in this village, we have seen many of our sponsored families receive access to clean water, better medical care and a large AWANA club sponsored by the local church.

Recent Updates

BN037 Amir Youssef Fakhry

Amir has been in Awana for 3 years and his favorite verse is "I am the way, the truth, and the life"...his song is "I have a great God". Amir loves to sing and help his mother around the house. His...

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BN049 Abanob Samaan Wahba

Abanob is very shy. He likes to color. He can count in English. Abanob's father is working on a farm and is doing ok from his eye surgery. The father's income is $70 a month.

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