Egypt--El Fallahin (EF)

Another of Lake Pointe's original villages, El Fallahin is one of the poorest villages served. With the average family income of about $2USD per day, many of the families in El Fallahin depend on farming to provide jobs and income. More than 65% of the residents of El Fallahin live below the Egyptian poverty level as work is hard to come by and wages are very low. Although a very poor village, through the support of Lake Pointe and Healing Grace, many villagers now have hope in Christ and are active in various ministries at the local church. This village is approximately 60% Muslim, 30% Coptic or Orthodox Christian and the remaining 10% are Evangelical Christians.

Recent Updates

EF007 Joseph Salib Youssef

(2014 June)-Amy had a very nice visit with Joseph. He was waiting for us to come this day. His cast has come off, but there is still a lump where the bone was broken. He was happy and finished scho...

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EF067 Mariam Mahroos Boshra

Mariam is an above average student and English is her best subject. She has tonsillitis. She helps in the kitchen and likes art/drawing. Her father earns about $90 a month but work is irregular.

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EF071 Malak Masood Abd El Malak

Malak is helpful around the house. He makes the bed. He likes to play soccer and is an average student. His best subject is Math. His father can earn about $85 a month when he can find work.

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EF085 Hanna Amir Hanna

Hanna is an average student and math is his best subject. He runs errands for the family. He likes to play soccer. His father can earn about $60 monthly when he can find work. Hanna attends Awanas ...

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