Egypt--An Nasareyah (NS)

Located between the states of Beni Suef and Minya, An Nasareyah is a village of about 40,000 people with a predominant Muslim population. Occupations of most of the people here are farming and carpentry with about 16% of them living below the poverty level of Egypt. Hepatitis C and anemia are prevalent among the villagers, including the children.  

Recent Updates

NS037 Abdel-Messieh Ezzat Adly

Abdel is an artist who enjoys drawing. His favorite subject in school is Art. Abdel has three siblings. His father is a day laborer and earns about $40/month.

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NS089 Makram Ashraf Tawfik

(2014 June)- short visit: likes to play w/ friend in soccer. Is thankful to God for everything. Makram likes to play soccer and learn Arabic. His father is a farmer and earns about $40/month when h...

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